Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review

It looks like Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is great if you want to make stunning videos fast, but does it make you money?

I decided to find out for myself and without any real video marketing experience put the Easy Sketch Pro to the test in the review below.

Official Site: EasySketchPro.com

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Video + Marketing = $$$?

video_marketingAfter trying every form of online marketing out there ; including SEO, PPA, media buying, forum and classified, the only one I never really got into was video marketing. It just always seemed like it was too much work and/or too expensive.

On one hand you can either make your own videos using complicated software or fancy equipment. Which is definitely not something I wanted to do considering the two mains reason I got into making money online is to not spend a lot of time and money.

Or on the other you could pay someone or buy already made videos. Which for me, and most people just wanting to make money, seems like a great idea in theory but a lousy in practice. You know what that means if you ever bough videos that seemed cheap at first but once all the extras and redos added up it was not worth it. Let alone the time it takes for them to actually deliver them.

In fact, the last time I tried anything with video marketing by the time I got my video the promotion was already over. However, seeing how everyone and their grandmother was doing video marketing I knew there had to be a better way.

Review of Easy Sketch Pro 3

After some research and talking to dome video marketers I finally narrowed it down to Easy Sketch Pro and another popular product. Despite that ESP seemed like a clear winner I still had my doubts. I knew it made beautiful videos, even Steve Rudnick is using it as you can see below.

I mean what more could I want? However, the truth was that I wanted to make money and not just beautiful videos. So I waited….. until now.

Once I heard about Easy Sketch Pro 3 and all the new features it had I knew I had to have it. I mean here are some of the new features you can use to optimzie and monetize your videos to the max.

  • Social Media Integration – getting likes, tweets, and even subscribers from other videos is just a click away.
  • Autoresponder Connection – with the new ESP you don’t have to make user click the link below the video, they can opt in while watching.
  • Retargeting  – 2015 marketing is big with retargetting and now you can get piece of the action.
  • Branding – brand your videos with easy, no need to hire a specialist or spend 6 hours inside photoshop to do it. On top of that you can brand your clients videos too.
  • Tap to Call and other live interactions – the new Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 features live interaction buttons like the ability to call the number right inside the video.  This is most for any  pay-per-call or client business.

Want to know even more about it? Check out the video below.

easy sketch pro 3.0So How To Make Money With ESP 3.0?

Like I said before, all the features of the new Easy Sketch Pro are great but what it all comes down to is profits. Can you start making money with it this week? Tomorrow? Today?

The answer is, surprisingly, yes. In fact I’m going to share with you 2 methods that you can start profiting with EST 3.0 today:

1: the first one is to create YouTube videos and rank them instantly without a single backlink. That is right, there is a simple way of finding profitable keywords that you don’t need a single link to rank for in minutes.  Check out the bonus for more info.

2: The second is all about creating a simple promo video displaying the beauty and professionalism of videos make with the EasySketchPro 3.0 and offering your service to others. Read below to find out the best way to do it.

My Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Bonus

I’m willing to share those two strategies with anyone that gets ESP through one of the links on this site.  So if you want to start making real money today or tomorrow grab Easy Sketch Pro using the link below right now.

Click Here To Get ESP 3.0 and Bonus